Since 2006, in association with BangZoom! Entertainment, I have been teaching the Adventures In Voice Acting Workshops across the US. These intensive daylong courses are designed for aspiring actors who wish to get professional training in voice acting for Anime, Original Animation and Video Games. The sessions are conducted at real working recording studios using real scripts and animation. It’s the closest experience you can have to the real world of professional voice acting without having to actually audition and be cast in a show.

The beginning course is for those who are just starting out. We cover basic acting for voice over, breathing and vocal mechanics, basic character creation, working in the recording studio, basic microphone technique, and ADR and Anime Voice Acting. Then we spend more than half the day recording in the studio, practicing what we've learned so far.

The intermediate course delves deeper into the creation and development of stock characters, preparing for auditions, voice acting in a pre-lay or original animation setting and, of course, an afternoon of practice in front of the microphone.

The Advanced course delves into auditioning, voice acting for video games and character development.

As well as the regularly scheduled workshops in Burbank, California we’ve taken the workshops to Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle, San Francisco, Virginia Beach and Mami. 

And now we are offering monthly voice acting workouts and a 4 week acting course geared for voice actors.

Click HERE of you'd like more information or to sign up for a workshop or the e-mail list.



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