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Although I had never entertained the possiblity of being a Producer, it seems I was destined to the task. I produced my first show while working for a local ABC affiliate station in central California. It was a NASCAR sports highlight show. I secured a sponsor and produced 6 episodes. What I discovered in the process was that I really liked the challenge of balancing the techincal, creative and financial aspects of a show while managing a group of creative people focused on executing the show. In short, I loved producing. Within a year I was working as a staff writer and associate producer at Saban Entertainment and eventually went on to help create, write and Co-Produce "The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger". Since leaving Saban I've continued to provide Producing services for television ("Daigunder for ABC Family), feature films ("Aussie & Ted" for Cinetel) and the internet (Anime TV for BangZoom Entertainment)

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